As promised in the winter 2014 Scope magazine’s “Saratoga Sidebar,” here’s a list of ski resorts in the Skidmore region—complete with locations, Web sites, and other information—compiled by the author, Scope‘s asociate editor Paul Dwyer ’83. Schuss!

Here’s a quick tour through last month’s Celebration Weekend at Skidmore, complete with gorgeous autumn leaves and that familiar bricky campus:


Last summer I followed one chemistry lab from late May to early August, and here’s a little video showing the five students and the professor and their very intriguing research:

handsLearning our new video camera, and a new-to-me video-editing software package, I put together this odd little video, showing glimpses of Reunion focused solely on hands and feet — click here and see what you think.

Science of art

beakerAn anodized-jewelry-making workshop was among Reunion 2013’s faculty minicolleges — click here for a video sneak peek.

Meredith Carroll ’95, in the Denver Post, shared some laments about commencement speakers  — including hers at Skidmore — and some “real” advice for new grads.  Read her article here, where the left-hand column also shows more of her Post writings.


Academic Festival — the all-day, all-campus showcase of student presentations and papers and performances — was a big hit last week.  This year it had a tougher selection process and offered fewer sessions concurrently, though there were still about 40 choices, covering every conceivable field.  One jam-packed poster session was a real smorgasbord of research in psych, bio, and neuroscience — here’s a one-minute glimpse:


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