As mentioned in the printed annual Scope, alumni are welcome to use this Scopedish blog as an informal, online art exhibition.  Please email your artworks to srosenbe@skidmore.edu for posting. Feel free to use “Leave a comment,” below, to describe or ask questions about any of the works shared here.

And remember that alumni celebrating reunions are eligible to submit to the annual Reunion art show; this year, that’s grads with class years ending in 2 or 7. Email here for full info.


15 years ago . . .

. . . this month, students at Skidmore heard the news of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Those with family or friends in New York City and Washington, D.C., were especially upset.  But the whole campus — like the rest of the country — was reeling. A vigil and discussion on Case Green drew a huge crowd out into the eerily beautiful, sun-soaked afternoon.

If you were there or you have other 9/11 memories to share with fellow alumni, please chime in with a comment.

9/11 gathering/vigil, Sept. 11, 2001


Mentoring quilt

quilt1Any alumni out there who were involved with Saratoga Mentoring?  Remember the giant four-panel “World Quilt” made by some 45 local  kids?  With the help of artist Francelise Dawkins, they used 1,500 pieces of fabric from countries all over the world.

That quilt traveled the globe as a celebration of childhood and symbol of peace.  And recently its three parts were mounted just outside Skidmore’s Intercultural Center.  In recent years, several Skidmore students have served as mentors for teens in the program.quilt3


Alumni interviews


The Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative interviewed alumni during Reunion ’16 and got some fascinating stories from them:

30 Rock producer and Tina Fey agent David Miner ’91 recounts his launch of the Ad-Libs and the National College Comedy Festival

Attorney and would-be politician Randy Abreu ’11 still values Skidmore as a community

Javier Calderon ’11, who works with fellow alumni, recalls partying under tealights in the North Woods

Emmily De los Santos ’11 studied intergroup relations and is interested in urban planning

Janet Copeland Eschenlauer ’56 remembers her days as a dancer and phys-ed major

Jan Halper Scaglia ’86, P ’15, got nostalgic when she heard the bagpipes at Reunion

Here’s the whole site, including the voices of retired faculty and staff.



As promised in the winter 2014 Scope magazine’s “Saratoga Sidebar,” here’s a list of ski resorts in the Skidmore region—complete with locations, Web sites, and other information—compiled by the author, Scope‘s asociate editor Paul Dwyer ’83. Schuss!

Here’s a quick tour through last month’s Celebration Weekend at Skidmore, complete with gorgeous autumn leaves and that familiar bricky campus:


Last summer I followed one chemistry lab from late May to early August, and here’s a little video showing the five students and the professor and their very intriguing research: