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For Kayla Abelove Feldman ’64, the news of Moore Hall’s demise came as a blow. She lived on Moore’s second floor for three years and says, “I loved it because I could smoke in my room (what was I thinking?) and because it was so convenient to the art studios next door. I do not recall bedspreads, green or any other color, as someone does. The really fine furniture in the big living room was classic, and I remember waiting to go in to lunch one Sunday and watching, on a rented TV, Lee Harvey Oswald being shot.”

Feldman adds, “The sixties were supposed to have been such a licentious and drug-riddled time on campuses, and yet I never saw any of that, other than a lot of drunken kids, including myself. Saratoga was a town with 1,200 college girls
and 125 bars. Never once saw any one doing drugs, or smoking pot. Once, a girl ate morning glory seeds, which were supposed to be hallucinogenic, and she tried to act stoned, but it didn’t work. We were such good girls, even when
we thought we were being bad. The only meds we were interested in was the birth-control pill, and when and where could we get it.”

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